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Diadema was created with a clear purpose: to meet the needs of our clients with high quality packages for all their products.

Founded in 1979, Diadema Flexible Packaging, an industry leader, began specializing in multi-material flexible packaging composed of plastic, aluminum and paper film.

For over 30 years Diadema produces packagings to preserve the quality and properties of a wide array of products. For this purpose Diadema continuously invests in state of the art equipment, research and in the development of new materials with differentiated properties.

Supplier to important food and beverage manufacturers – such as the two leaders in the coffee industry, and companies which produce juices, sauces, soups, chewing gum, hard candy, lollypops, chocolate bars, raw coconut, sugar, sweeteners, snacks, dry and pre-cooked pastas, cookies, cereals, dairy products, vegetable oil, condiments, packets for mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard– as well as other important markets such as personal hygiene and cleaning products, the pharmaceutical industry, and pesticides - always in compliance with the quality standards established by ISO 9001-2000.

The state-of-of-the-art technology available at the company’s research and development laboratories, coupled with modern equipment, allows for the creation of specific packages which attend the needs of the most varied products.

Diadema is the flexible packaging leader for the Brazilian coffee industry, and the largest producer of easy open packages. It is ranked 2nd in production of powdered drink mix packages and the only Brazilian company to manufacture self-adhesive film, transfix and continuous tattoos for sale with collectible cards as well as candy and gum wrappers.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Diadema offers high quality packaging products, excellent customer service and product innovation, always competitively priced.

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